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Sweet empire / dry heaves / pawshaker / wegroebeards redhouse sheffield 31st jan 4quid 8pm


Sweet empire / dry heaves / pawshaker / wegroebeards redhouse sheffield 31st jan 4quid 8pm

Sweet empire / dry heaves / pawshaker / wegroebeards redhouse sheffield 31st jan 4quid 8pm

Sweet empire / dry heaves / pawshaker / wegroebeards redhouse sheffield 31st jan 4quid 8pm

Pure Graft / Dude Jams - Split 7” Out Now.

Hey it only took me 12 months, but this record is out now! available  HERE for £3.50 and ships September 11th. U.S Labels get in touch for trades/wholesale and shit.

/400 Clear Crystal (Meth)

/100 Goth Black


1 Dude Jams - Putting The X In PUNX

2 Dude Jams - Songs About Dying

3 Pure Graft - Blatant Localism

4 Pure Graft - David Dimbleby


currently reside in Austin Texas, influenced upon a steady diet of BONG RIPS, RANCID, TECATE, and TACO BELL, DUDE JAMS have been putting the X in PUNX since the mid ’00s. DUDE JAMS have done a few splits with the likes of DUMBSPRINGER, TOO MANY DAVES and JONESIN’ but to name a few, DUDE JAMS have extensively toured the U.S.A a whole bunch through 2007-2010.

DUDE JAMS recently took a break from the touring scene to concentrate on the the couch for the start of new seasons of Jersey Shore and Ghost Hunters. DUDE JAMS released their critically acclaimed hit PUNK album ‘How To Abuse Everything’ on A.D.D Records last year. In 2012 DUDE JAMS toured the Mid-West. DUDE JAMS is the best band name in history.


The history of Pure Graft started a long time ago in Newcastle, England when the young friends Simon Hubbard, Danny Lester, Ben Ralston, Mark Thompson and Chris McManus (born Michael Ryan Pritchard) formed their first band Sweet Children. In 2005 they changed their name to PURE GRAFT and PURE GRAFT released their first DEMO which brought the band 3 fans, 2 gigs and eventually a record deal. They got signed to an independent label Specialist Subject Records which released their first split 10” with EINENCALVINKLEINSBALLS, KAVES, and BIG SHITTY PLAN.

Soon after the release another change came – Mark Thompson quit the band and was replaced by David Hillier (born Frank Edwin Wright III) who became Pure Graft’s permanent easy loving guitarist. Pure Graft were becoming more and more popular due to the arrival of sexy dave and soon after the release of their second split 7 e.p with BEASTS their success was so obvious that the band began getting offers from COOL record labels. Eventually, Pure Graft decided to sign a verbal agreement with NOT SHY OF THE DIY RECORDS.

In the spring of 2010 Pure Graft released their 7” split with LITTLE LEAGUE on SSR which was a huge success. It eventually sold over 100 copies worldwide. In Sept 2012 PURE GRAFT released their split 7” with DUDE JAMS on NOT SHY OF THE DIY RECORDS. The success and popularity of the band brought not only joy BUT at least 50 new fans. In 2013 PURE GRAFT are all set to work upon their debut album The Geordie Idiot.

Pure Grafty

Tuesday sees the return of PURE GRAFT to Sheffield, on tour with the awesome INXSANE from Slovenia. Bear Trade and Borders complete the bill. check it out!

New Pudge Video

Check out the new video for ‘Peggy Hill Boggle Champ’ as filmed on tour with We Grow Beards and Same Old Steve in Feb March of this year.

Be sure to pick up the latest Pudge E.P from our shop if you haven’t done so yet!

100th Boozey Du! Friday June 22

Friday 22nd June is gig #100! featuring…

The Murderburgers | One Car Pile Up | Pudge | Alfie J Crook and headliners Skimmer

Just in case you don’t know…

Skimmer are a pop-punk band from Birmingham, who formed in 1993. They were originally signed to the Leeds-based Crackle! Records. Once described as being able to “harmonise like hamsters”, they supported have many American pop punk bands in the UK: Mr T Experience, NOFX, Bracket, All etc. They were also the last ever band to record a Peel Session on 21 October 2004, shortly after their first drummer’s death.

In late 2005 Warren Beater joined the Skimmer camp to take over the drum sticks. Linking up with Nigel Clark as producer, (front man with Britpop chart-toppers Dodgy), they then released two new albums I’ll Tell You What (2007) and Self Harmony (2009). Headline tours of Japan, Ireland and the UK followed, along with various support slots around the UK. In 2008 a retrospective double CD ‘Smitten’, was released by Crackle! containing all the songs from their out-of-print first 2 albums plus some extra songs.
Current Activity

Having returned from a tour of Japan to promote Self Harmony , Skimmer have just finished recording their latest album which will be released in the summer of 2011. They are currently signed to the Waterslide Records label in Japan and Heroic Failure in the UK.

A single - Injury Prone - was released on the Heroic Failure label in May 2011.

They continue to record and gig and have just released a series of videos to promote their forthcoming album.

Dude Jams / Pure Graft Ltd Edition 7” Press

Black and White Super rare ltd edition Ian chaddock fest press of the Dude Jams /Pure Graft 7” will be available @ Ian Chaddock fest this weekend. There are only 15 available on a first come first serve basis. You’ll be able to get a hold of one from 4.30pm this sunday @ The Black Heart In Camden.

Full Colour version coming sooon!. Full line up is…

Four Dumb Kids - The Complete Muffy Hattersley Years

Four Dumb Kids - The Complete Muffy Hattersley Years Free Download now available on the link HERE Featuring 12 classic songs including a Leatherface cover and the songs from the 7” splits with Stop That Astronaut and The Pheonix Foundation

Four Dumb Kids Reunion Gig

The Four Dumb Kids Reunion gig is this Friday with Bear Trade (ex Blocko, Mercury League) Rad Medicine (ex Shermer, Big City Plan, Hopewood) and Pudge